Conflict Research Group International

Its OFFICIAL, CRGI website now open for your enjoyment.

Conflict Research Group International is the result of an alliance of individuals with very different viewpoints and experiences but a common commitment to expanding awareness, insight and options related to all aspects of interpersonal conflict and violence. Our goal is to make you better.

The goal of CRGI is to provide a diverse resource for people with an interest in learning more about all aspects of conflict management. The self-defense, martial arts, professional security, and anti-violence industry is rife with misinformation, self-serving agenda, tribal thinking, ideological wars,  and down right lousy information.  The CRGI will counter some of that by providing a comprehensive source for the fearless truth.

As a group of different people with varied backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, we don’t always agree on everything. But, we do agree on the basic principles of self-improvement and evolving through training and exposure to new ideas and differing viewpoints.

The bottom line: The CRGI will filter the enormous amount of information available on conflict management so you can focus on the material most applicable to you.

The last few paragraphs are lifted straight off the website, this is already a huge site and there is a lot more content in the pipeline including numerous guest articles from internationally renowned authors.

Please visit the site and take a good look around, this is the place to go for informed discussion and information. This has been and continues to be an incredibly exciting project and part of my own ongoing journey as I learn and develop in my martial art and self defence training and as a person. I have met and trained with some incredible people in recent year and consider myself very fortunate to have done so. The journey goes on, it gets more and more exciting, the other night I was writing on Google docs, a joint article with Marc MacYoung.

I sat in Sheffield as Marc sat in Denver and we were working together on the same piece in real time, a joint article that will be posted on the CRGI website very soon. Let me tell you that for a period it felt very surreal, watching Marc’s thoughts appear letter by letter and me replying, remember I was reading his books a few years ago and never thought we would meet let alone this. Well truth is proven to be stranger than fiction for me as if somebody had said any of this would happen a few years ago even I would have thought they were off on one.

But it has, it is here and it is here to stay because sometimes you need to dare to think the ridiculous if not the impossible. Yes there is a lot of hard work involved, in this case by numerous people especially Erik, and perspiration and inspiration in equal measure, thousands of emails, thousands of communications on private forums, agreements and disagreements, discussions galore, but look what popped out in the end.

Now that we have started, and this is just a start, the work starts in earnest and in fact has never stopped. It is our aim to build an unrivaled resource for those interested in a wide range of issues around human conflict. We want to include the brightest and best in their respective fields to come on board and share our vision. We seek not to lecture but to learn alongside subscribers making the best use of the freedoms the internet provides.

Please visit the site and sign up for free, we hope you like it enough to subscribe and join us as CRGI grows and develops. We welcome fellow travelers with open arms, click the link and enjoy.



About garryattheacademy

I run the Academy of Self Defence in Sheffield, England. I train with Abbeydale Ju Jitsu Club and am a 3rd dan senior instructor.
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