Academy of Self Defence

Hello, my name is Garry and I run the Academy of Self Defence, our aim is to deliver high quality, no-nonsense self defence training that is of use in the real world that we live in. Too many martial arts try to convince students that their particular style is the best for learning to defend yourself in the street, most often this is simply not true, occasionally it is downright dangerous as it fills their students up with impractical techniques that only work in the dojo with a willing training partner. The street is not like that, criminals do not fight fair and neither should you if you find yourself in a position where physical conflict is unavoidable.

At the Academy of Self Defence we do not use fear as a motivator and we do not teach complicated, fancy moves, our students enjoy their training and learn sound practical skills that will help them to lead safer lives. We do reality based training that has been proven to work. We train hard and pressure test when it is appropriate. In order to remain in touch with the very best practice our instructors are researching and developing how we work and what we deliver. This includes attending seminars with experts like Peter Consterdine, Geoff Thompson, Mo Teague, Iain Abernethy, Rick Young, Hoch Hochheim, Georgi Georgiev, Dave Hazard, Mike Liptrott, Al Peasland and Mick Tully to name but a few and we are now organising our own seminars with guests like Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung, Rory Miller, Itay Gil, Wim Demeere, Kasey Keckeisen, Kris Wilder, Alain Buresse and other internationally renowned experts, you can train with them too if you like, just visit our website page and click on seminars.  We hope that you find a visit to our website

helpful and informative and that you will benefit from your visit and if you have any questions please contact us, we will help where we can.

Many thanks, Garry Smith, Chief Instructor.

Garry, Jayne, Itay and Frances after a great unarmed defence against the knife session, Jayne and Frances were bruised and battered but still raring to go.#

Myself and my mate john training some knife defences with Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung.

Marc and self chilling in the Mayfield Valley whjist Dianna Gordon MacYoung takes photos, ….many photos 😉 Life is not just about combat.

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