Our Land, Our Kin

The rain in Austria stays mainly in the mountains so it seems,  
particularly around the Hotel Austria in Niederau. Mustn't grumble  
though, absolutely roasting hot sunshine last two days has given me 
a lovely tan, bonus. In a way it is an enforced rest and recent 
arrivals from Keighley in dear old Yorkshire assure us it is worse 
at home, always makes you feel better that doesn't is, when the 
weather is poor on holiday it makes you feel good knowing it is 
worse at home. Well I think about my garden and my recently planted 
perennials and the vet in the raised beds, but then start to worry 
about the snails and slugs eating everything. This leads to a little 
aside, the snails here are massive, I mean huge, these babies could 
eat a whole lettuce with one bite, but, when we look at peoples veg 
plots in their gardens there is no evidence of predation by these 
monster snails, none whatsoever. I really need to find out the 
secret these Austrian gardeners possess.

As we wander through the villages all is immaculate, this is a  
catholic country and it seems their houses and gardens are as  
immaculate as the conception they believe in. The houses are 
fantastic and range from very traditional old house attached to the 
barn to cutting edge architecture that even Prince Charles would 
approve of. Yesterday after a couple of hours walking we stopped off 
in Oberau for coffee and sat outside a lovely Imbass in the hot sun, 
people were making their way back through the village wearing their 
traditional Tyrolean costumes having taken part in an annual 
procession, they are keeping traditions alive. I love that kind of 
thing, our culture is the flower of the people said Amilcar Cabral, 
an African revolutionary and philosopher. Our culture is precious in 
helping people maintain a sense of identity in a rapidly 
homogenising world.  Whilst a student I used Cabral?s thesis to look 
at the Vietnam war and examine the contrasting cultures of the North 
Vietnamese and the Americans. I will not bore you with the details 
but not surprisingly culture and identity are closely intertwined, 
and underpined the will to win for the Vietnamese.

Why is this of any relevance to Austria? Well my humble observations  
tell me that the Austrians have given up less of their identity than  
we English, (please insert, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Irish 
and alter the degrees accordingly). They are proud of their land, 
their culture and appear very comfortable with life. In the 
reception is a quote pasted on the wall next to the cute 'Willkommen' 
carving, the quote runs;

"I have no wish to enclose my house with walls. But no foreign 
culture should estrange me from my maternal soil".

OK, how many hotels would be able to display this quote back home, 
how long before the Guardian exposed these racist felons, how dare 
they promote such xenophobic sentiments by this, oops, Mahatma Gandi, 
oh dear!

They would not dare post this lovely quote by this gentle man for 
fear of upsetting the PC brigade. Well that is because for years we 
have been chipped away at by these people who believe they hold the 
moral compass and that they have the moral right to take us in the 
irection they feel comfortable with. Well sorry folks but that is 
tosh. It is time we decided to say no, there is absolutely nothing 
wrong and everything right in celebrating our differences. When I go 
to Wales, I want to feel I am in Wales, I want to eat Welsh beef, 
hear the Welsh language and feel the difference, the same for a 
proposed trip to Scotland, I support the quest for independence too, 
just as I love being in Austria, Mexico, Jamaica or France. I also 
love our regional differences that manifest themselves in dialect 
and particularly food.  
Whilst the PC brigade see any assertion of national or regional  
identity as a dangerous thing leading almost directly to a rise in  
National Socialism, we should instead see it as an antidote to such 
an event. In my current novel, the Redbreast, it is the Norwegian  
Nasjonal Samling (National Gathering) refering to the real life 
Norges Nasjonalsosialistiske Bevegelse the movement that is the 
heart of a conspiracy, this is  interesting reading at the time of 
the Anders Brevick trial, that notorious Aryan killer. Unfortunately, 
extremism will always exist but will feed on the fact that it is 
forbidden, a secret threatened cult that must defend the faith 
against the traitors to race, blood and culture.

A wider spread acceptance and celebration of our indigenous cultures  
and a healthy interest in one another's is a far stronger way to 
build a more homogenous wider community as the two are not mutually  
exclusive. Much more secure than the failed attempt by political 
manipulators of votes to create a multicultural experiment, see 
sociological ethics texts if concerned over the ethics of 
experimenting with human lives! I look forward to travelling to an 
independent Scotland if that is what occurs and do not expect it 
will look very different from now. When I went to scotland 
previously I read John Prebbles excellent series "The Highland 
Clearances", "Glencoe" and Culloden". As for myself as an Englishman 
I intend to continue to research  more about our origins and history, 
the bits they never tell you at school, the history of our Anglo 
Saxon heritage. Will this turn me into a blood and honour type 
fascist, absolutely not, even though I have a shaved head.

In life we must never stand still and look at what has been and  
imagine some glorious time in the past, these times never existed 
and if they did then the rose tinted spectacles are being worn. What 
we need to do is rethink our future in light of the present AND the
past, history does not repeat itself, no two circumstances and/or 
conditions are exactly the same. However, if we are to rediscover 
our rapidly dwindling local, regional, ethnic cultures then we need 
to at least know our history, our story as it is this that puts it 
all in context, and instead of wearing the face of hate it should 
wear the face of happiness just like the people of Oberau yesterday 
in their Tyrolean dress, smiling in the hot Austrian spring, secure 
in their identity, welcoming in their hearts. Otherwise our very 
soul will be gradually eaten away as one of my little perennials by 
a giant invading snail.

Footnote: The Austriance celebrate Independance Day on May 15th, not 
the date the date that Germany surrendered or left their land, but 
the day the Allies left.

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